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One Step Ahead On The Crowdfunding Market


Julia van der Kooij 21.04.2021, 11:25:00


Crowdfunding real estate investment is getting more popular every year. It is a simple way of investing, where you benefit from the stable reputation of the real estate market. Where you, on the other hand, don't have the additional worries of renovation, rental, and sale. In addition to investing, it is also an ideal concept for real estate investors looking for financing for their real estate projects. These advantages are therefore reflected in the growth of the crowdfunding market. For example, it appears that the Dutch invested €424 million via many crowdfunding websites last year. This is an increase of almost 29% compared to 2018.

Max Property Group received approval from the AFM in October 2020 to finance crowdfunding projects via maxcrowdfund.com. Therefore, the platform and the team have great ambitions to become one of the largest international crowdfunding platforms within five years. Max Property Group, the owner and operator of Max Crowdfund, has announced that it has raised approximately € 500,000 in equity from investors. MPG will use the money to expand Max Crowdfund internationally.

Max Crowdfund announced its expansion into New Zealand in January 2021 and is on track to launch Maxcrowdfund.co.nz in April 2021. Contracts have also been signed for Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. This is all part of the new joint venture arrangement.


One step ahead on the market

The ambition to grow the platform exponentially does not come out of anywhere. There are several points in which Max Crowdfund distinguishes itself from other Dutch real estate crowdfunding platforms, which creates a unique position within the crowdfunding market.


Attractive returns

Max Crowdfund has an average return of 7.92%, which is higher than the average of other Dutch real estate crowdfunding platforms.



The Max Crowdfund platform runs entirely on blockchain, and this has several advantages in terms of security and transparency. For example, the platform is more protected against cyber-attacks, and transactions are clearly displayed in real-time. This made “cheating” impossible for both investors and the platform itself. Everyone can find each transaction in a database that runs on blockchain technology. This ensures that Max Crowdfund becomes a transparent and well-organized investment platform.



The Max Crowdfund platform was developed by a group of real estate professionals with years of experience in the real estate world. This expertise is used during the Due Diligence process, a careful process to determine, among other things, the feasibility of the project. Thanks to this process and our knowledge, Max Crowdfund can always offer investments with the lowest possible risk.



Unlike other crowdfunding platforms in the real estate sector, Max Crowdfund offers international real estate projects. This makes it possible to invest in real estate projects in different countries. With the extensions mentioned earlier in this article, this will happen even more often in the future. For example, easily invest in both Dutch and English real estate projects.


Completely automated

Max Crowdfund is a fully automated platform. This means that creating an account, depositing money on the platform, and investing in an open project is quick and easy. The payments of returns and the return of the investment also take place without delay or personal actions. This prevents unnecessary human errors.

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