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Upon receipt of a complaint, the complaints coordinator is notified. The complaints coordinator identifies if it’s an incident that can be solved quickly.
If the complaint cannot be resolved quickly, the complaints coordinator creates a complaint file, informs the management of Max Crowdfund and confirms receipt of the complaint to the submitter within two working days.
The complaints coordinator then conducts the (first) investigation of the complaint. Management confirms the follow-up actions and planning for handling of the complaint, based on the outcome of the investigation.
If it’s possible to complete handling within a period of 14 calendar days after submission, the submitter will receive a written answer to the complaint within this period and management receives a copy. Otherwise, submitter will receive a written confirmation within this time period, which includes the planning for handling the complaint.
The complaints coordinator executes the planned activities. Max Crowdfund management monitors the progress and approves the formal reply to the complaint. Max Crowdfund strives to answer all complaints within one month.
The complaint coordinator verifies with the submitter whether the complaint has been satisfactorily answered and closes the file after submitter’s confirmation.
If submitter decides to file a formal complaint against Max Crowdfund with the FSC, Max Crowdfund management shall designate one of their members as the point of contact. The designated person reports to management on the status and progress of the complaint. The complaint file is updated as applicable and closed after completion of the procedure.
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