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How to apply for funding?

You can apply for funding by registering an account, submitting your onboarding info and verifying your personal account by linking it to your bank account.

Once your personal account is verified, you can add your company to your profile and link your company bank account.

After verifying both your personal and company account, you can apply for funding from the company account and pay the associated application fee.

Once your application is completed, you can submit your application to be published and start receiving funding from our pool of investors.

Watch our animated video for detailed instructions and screenshots.

fundraise options

Equity (Property Syndication and Buy-to-Let)

You can raise equity through Max Crowdfund for your property syndication or buy-to-let fund. If you plan to purchase or sell down property that is leased for a period of time, this would be considered a buy-to-let investment. 

Generally, investors receive their return from the lease income monthly and capital gain when the property is sold. 

We look for IMs to be submitted and to include third party valuations, a business plan and structure, a financial model, the purchase agreement, management plans, rental agreement(s), a market comparison and of course images and preferably a video of the property. Sharing regular updates with the investors is always a good idea.

Loans (Fixed interest)

Fixed-interest loans provide fundraisers debt for development land acquisition, development funding or to purchase real estate. The loan is generally secured against fundraiser equity and mortgage charges on real estate. 

Investors receive periodic interest payments on fixed terms and their capital back at the loan maturity date. 

We look for IMs to be submitted and to include third party valuation with pre- and post-development values, the business plan with a clear exit strategy, a financial model, the purchase agreement and building quotes. Images and videos during the build are recommended to be shared with the investors.

Equity (Profit share)

Real estate developers raise equity from investors for their projects. Businesses can offer different share classes, periodic investor returns and profit shares of the development project. 

Investors would be looking at the developer's experience, the reputation of the builder and the exit strategy.

We look for IMs to be submitted and to include third party valuations,  a business plan and structure, purchase agreements, building quotes (preferably from several builders),  a financial model, and images and a video of the property.

Why raise funds via Max Crowdfund?

Fast & Flexible

We will respond within 24 hours after receiving your application.

You can choose between equity or loans and you can set your own interest rate and term.

Promote your development

Our investors often become ambassadors for your real estate project.

They may even purchase a unit once your development is finished and you have repaid your loan.

Administration automated

You do not have to deal with the administration of tens or hundreds of investors.

You pay the investor returns to the Max Crowdfund investor account and we distribute the payment to those who invested in your project.

How it works?

Register an account

Create an account as an individual and submit your onboarding documentation. Once approved you can associate a company to your account and submit the Know Your Business (KYB) documentation.

Submit your project

Apply for funding by submitting your real estate project details and your capital requirements. We always try to revert back within 24 hours to confirm whether your application is suitable for fundraising or not.

Fundraiser approval

When we confirm that we can raise your capital, we will start our due diligence process. The underlying asset will be valued, and we will assess the ability to make investor payments. Once approved, we will publish the investment opportunity.

Fully subscribed

When the investment is fully subscribed by the Max pool of investors, the agreements will be signed and the funds are ready to be released. 

Release of funds

Once we release the funds you can start making your real estate project a reality. Max Crowdfund and the investors look forward to making the project a success and receiving regular updates with photos and videos of your project progress.

Paying the investors

You will pay the investor returns to the Max Crowdfund investor account as agreed. We will ensure the payments are distributed correctly to the investors as per the ratio of their investment.

Find out how easy it is to obtain funding through Max Crowdfund. Start your fundraising application now and we will respond within 24 hours of receiving your project details.

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